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Hadleigh Benson (Deputy Principal) analysed student achievement and commented on the wonderful results of the students at Mount Primary School. "95% of our students are performing at or above the National Standard, which is a very promising result indeed". As a consequence of this, Hadleigh has initiated a number of pedagogical lessons with teachers in order to build on their existing capabilities.

Blog Shut down

This blog is no longer maintained. Please click here to see the new blog. You will notice that the entire school website has been created using blogger. Check out room 6, that's my new class!!

Electronic Day is on the 16th December

16th December is Electronic Day in room 12. We will be exploring the Key Competencies. more information here.
Please bring your electronic gadgets to school!


Locations of visitors to this page What is the best primary school class in the world?
Mr Benson's Room 12, Mellons Bay School of course!


This weblog is maintained an updated by Hadleigh Benson. Hadleigh Benson was awarded the ICT elearning award for excellence to eLearning and ICT for students aged 5-12. A prestigious award... For further information about Hadleigh Benson goto google and use the search engine. Further information can be found at wikispaces and claim id also. Click on this link to Maraetai Beach School! HERE